NAPU = Napat’s + Uwe’s Project in Thailand

In April 2019 Napat and me fell in love with a property located at the outer edge of a small village located in the north of Thailand in the province of Lampang, Amphoe Thoen, Tambon Lom Raet.
The main road linking Bangkok and Chiang Mai is not far away maybe 5 km by air but don’t worry it is very quiet here. I harly hear the main road.
We decided that we would like to spent our evening of life at that place together and bought the property.
In three directions around our new home there are rice fields and we can see the mountains surrounding us. The nearest small town is Lom Raet, about 1,5 km far away where we can buy most of the things we need.

The property’s land covers an area of more than 10.000 square meters with a solid small house as the main building.
Beside our pond with lots of fish is a small wooden resort house.
Furthermore, there are two older huge barns.
And we erected two more “buildings”: an outdoor kitchen and a  roof close by as our “outside living room”.

When we bought the spot there where already lots of fruit trees and since then we planted a lot of more different types of small fruit trees as we like to have many different types of fruits. The pervious owner also planted lots of teakwood trees at a special area, maybe we manage to make some profit of them somewhen in the far future.
We spent a lot of energy to set up two ‘unusual constructions’ to grow passion fruits because I love maracuja very very much.
And as Napat loves to grow different types of vegetables and herbs, there are some spots for that already too.

We got different poultry. Some chicken for our egg supply and lots of local chicken to eat insects (and termites) and grass and for Tom Kha Gay (delicious food). The group of geese is well above ten animals already to eat grass and guard our land. Since short time we got a male and a female turkey.

Even though the spot wasn’t extremly spoiled with rubbish there are some places where I still search for a good solution to clear them.

We avoid the use of chemicals.

We feel very happy at our new home! But work never ends …

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