About me

my travelling carreer started during my time at university. My diving partner Sepp and me explored Egypt with our backpacks and snorkeling equipment. During that time we created the idea to travel and dive along the african coastline with our own car.
Some years later we bought a very old Landrover from 1963 and maintained every single part of it before we started our journey through africa. Due to political obstacles in 1991 we could not travel along the coastline – so we crisscrossed the continent instead (with snorkeling equipment on board).
On that journey I learnd to love the independence to travel with my own mean of transport and I saw that you find nice and helpfull people everywhere.
So after that long journey I just travelled once again as backpacker and startet to hate the dependency on buses, shared taxis and so on.
I realized that a bicycle would fit very well to me.
So on my first holiday on my first real job I bought a last minute flight to Marocco and spent three wonderfull weeks there riding a bike in 1994.
My time of travelling by bike somewhere on our planet had started!

Since then I have cycled in many countries in Afric, Asia and South America. So far I havent cycled in North America nor in Australia – I prefer regions with different cultures to my own where I can learn thnigs that never ever would have come into my mind.
For me, travelling is widening my mind and helps to build bridges to understand others. If I look at myself I see that travelling with intense contact to loclal people changed my personality a lot – to the better!
But sometimes I have problems to return into my old “normal” life and the sort of things my own society is talking about.

Finally let me tell you my intention for this blog/webiste.
I want to encourage young people to start activites. Of course you should think first about all the nice things you might experience but it is also very important to spent energy to find out potential problems and risks and how to avoid or realise them early.
In my judgement my biggest risk cycling abroad is having an accident!!!
That is way ahead of all the other risks (well I never travel in war torn countires). Traffic rules are often very different far from home and the right of the strongest vehicle is very common. So please always remember that we are the weakest traffic participants.
For me normally the second highest risk is health. And I really prepare myself on them with lots of always upgraded vacciantions and very good protection against mosquitos (Malaria, Dengue etc.). I prefer to sweat every evening in my strong mosquitos-safe shirt then accepting lots of mosquito bites with bare chest.

When I tell friends about my journeys about the countires I cycled through many of them aks about snakes, spiders and so on. I regard risks by dangerous animals normally as quite low.
I use the word normally because close to nationalpaks with beasts of prey like lions or hyenas the risk feels higher to me.

Of course I know and never forget that there are bad people nearly everywhere too. And very clear local people as well as other travellers too. So I always split my money and hide it at different places/bags. I never show any signs of wealth, even my wallet for the day just contains little money and is stocked up in secret every day.

But over all I am not worried at all to start my next journey!

Let me end with some good and hopefully encouraging words from Mahatma Ghandi:
“Even the longest journey starts with the first step”
…. Why don’t you go ahead with your fist step NOW?
Just do it!